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NormaTec Compression Therapy


How It Works


Instead of using static compression (squeezing) to transport fluid out of the limbs, NormaTec Pulse Technology uses dynamic compression (pulsing). The patented pulsing action more effectively mimics the muscle pump of the legs and arms, greatly enhancing the movement of fluid and metabolites out of the imbs after and intense workout.


Veins and lymphatic vessels have one-way valves that prevent fluid backflow. Similarly, NormaTec Pulse Technology uses hold pressures to keep fluids from being forced in the wrong direction. Because of this enhancement, instead of tapering pressure off, NormaTec can deliver maximum pressure in every zone

Distal Release

Because extended static pressure can be detrimental to the body's normal circulatory flow, Sequential Pulse Technology releases the hold pressures once they are no longer needed to prevent backflow. By releasing the hold pressure in each zone as soon as possible, each portion of the limb gains maximal rest time without a significant pause between compression cycles.

Benefits of NormaTec Compression

  • Speeds Lactate Clearance
  • Reduces Soreness
  • Improves Range of Motion
  • Improves Blood Flow in Capillaries Locally
  • Lowers Oxidative Stress
  • Increases RPS-6 (Essential protein for rebuilding and repairing muscles)
  • Increases eNOS (Precursor to Nitric Oxide)
  • Increases PGC1alpha (Metabolic regulator in the cells)

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