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I cannot say enough about this place! We love going here and drive an hour just to see him and his staff. Laci and his staff go above and beyond everytime we go. Today we went because my daughter had a tongue tie and tie revision at 4 weeks old! He adjusted her and adjusted us as well. I am blessed to be apart of the Figa Chiro family and will never go anywhere else.

- Raegan L.

Wonderful experience, great staff, and friendly!

- Ryan D.

Dr. Figa and staff, simply put, Heaven sent. I've always had lower back pain/sciatica nerve and recently had a shoulder tear. Both have been fixed in very short amount of time. I only wish I would have found him years ago when I thought I had to live with the pain. Thank you Dr. Laci and staff! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

- Paul M.

The reviews don't lie - this place is great! Super efficient and I got some pain relief, mainly in the lower back. Had an adjustment, massage, dry needling & cupping. All at a convenient time.

- Rheyanne C.

As and endurance athlete, I am super grateful of Dr. Figa and his super helpful, highly trained and absolutely knowledgeable team. Also very innovative therapies and contantly doing their best to heal chronic and acute injury so I can consistently train without further damage on my body. Definitely highly recommend!!!

- Hazel C.

July 2010

Hi I am Julie and I was very skeptical about Chiropractic care! But now based on the results from the treatment that I have received from Dr. Laci at Health Solutions Wellness Center I trust him to keep me aligned and pain free!

See, I was experiencing low back pain and leg pain from both poor posture and two auto accidents (which were not my fault). Then while showing my kids how to do a cartwheel while playing with them I injured myself again! I went for seven months in pain before a friend of mine told me about Dr. Laci and his staff and what they could do for me. Well, before I saw Dr. Laci I thought I would give traditional medicine one more go round. The Sports Medicine Doctor gave me a prescription for drugs and a script to do Physical Therapy both which seem to only mask my pain. I was still having trouble sitting, especially while driving and flying which I do a lot of for work. So since I saw no improvement with the traditional doctor I took up on my friend’s advice and came into Health Solutions Wellness Center. Both Dr. Laci and his Staff took an interest in my personal well being! His wife Michele is a Personal Trainer, she took an interest in my physical activities and has giving me tips about different exercises and nutritional topics and Monica keeps all of the insurance stuff in line so I don’t have to worry about what is or isn’t covered. All of the Massage Therapists are fantastic and though I may not get the same person every time, they all seem to know what area’s need to be worked on before I even tell them. They do their homework on every patient!

I have been coming into see Dr. Laci now for almost two years, one time a month for maintenance care which helps me be more active with my kids and has motivated me to participate in a half ironman competition this year. I also get my hubby and kids in to see Dr. Laci however they aren’t as disciplined as I am! What I like most about Health Solutions Wellness Center is the care and treatment that I and my family receive from Dr. Laci and his Staff and the “Family Feel” of the office! You walk away feeling awesome after seeing them!


No more the “Skeptic” Thanks Doc!
Julie L.

To my doc,

Thanks for all of the help.  It made all the difference.  I’m your patient for life.

- Eric

Thanks Doc for all of your help!

- Chuck